About company

SHIVAKI history

"Shivaki" company originated from Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun. Hitting the electronic market far back in 1988, the young company was involved in the production of color TVs, cassete audio and video equipment. Initially the company wasn't completely manned, and due to the lack of it's own engineers and designers the company had to buy sets and required parts from popular brands  which made it possible to assemble and sell high-quality equipment  with good success. However the design was fully the responsibility of young employees of the emerging company.  

Thanks to it's well-thought strategy, "Shivaki" was able to achieve the acknowledgement in the world market.

SHIVAKI Strategy

From the very beginning the company strategy was aimed to satisfy the needs of the customers of various classes and to make innovations and quality affordable for the majority of users. «State-of-the-art technologies shouldn't be something unobtainable and very expensive".   The company management was able to prove that competent and balanced approach would allow to make the equipment with functionality, quality of materials' and assembly   comparable with more expensive models . Thanks to this concept, the company  quickly became popular in it's home country - Japan, which allowed "Shivaki" brand to win the world market.

Eventually the company sucessfully expanded it's production facilities to win the Asian market, and opened it's representative offices in the USA. It's fame blazed all over Europe,  "Shivaki" videocassets and tape recorders could be found even in the USSR and were sold at crazy prices by black marketeers. The company proved it's strategy working well, "price-quality ratio" being the main secret of it's popularity.

SHIVAKI new trends

In 1994 "Shivaki" was acquired  by the international group AGIV Group whose headquarters are located in Frankfurt on the Main in Germany.  They developed the production of refrigerators and air conditioners, Hi-Fi equipment and car audio units. Now the company enterprises produce "Shivaki" equipment in different countries of the world such as  Honkong, France, Japan, South Corea,  and since 1999 in Russia. Several years ago the company improved and updated a number of it's product models, which allowed to produce and sell the fancy engineering samples of LED TVs, fridges, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, phones, and wide range of small appliances   with revolutionary design in more than 25 countries. 

The wide range of quality products has gained customers' loyalty thanks to their high quality, reliability and modern design, because "Shivaki" works only with proved partners and allows to produce the goods under it's brand name only to certified companies which are able to meet the quality standards of "Shivaki" brand.  "Shivaki" equipment is now produced in Japan, South Corea, Honkong, France, Germany, Russia. "Shivaki" offers it's goods to Russian customers at reasonable prices.  It became possible because the equipment and systems with this trade mark have been sucessfully produced in Russia for more than ten years already.  As a result, the customers have an excellent opportunity to acquire the high-quality consumer electronics and homne appliances at reasonable prices.