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European quality

Detailed description of special offer:  European quality.

1. Program name and content.1.1. Program name: “EUROPEAN QUALITY”. 1.2. Program content: Organizer takes the responsibility before Program participant to provide: - on-line Internet consulting on all questions regarding the use of Product purchased from Program Organizer ; - electronic catalogue of Organizer products; - information about the nearest sales outlets on Participant request; - electronic information about new types of products and Special offers for goods sold.

2. Information about Program Organizer. Name: TV GROUP 

3. Program dates.3.1. Program validity period:  from the date of product purchasing by Program participant for the whole use period. 4. Program territory. 4.1. Program will be implemented on the territory of Ukraine where the Product is sold. 5. Description of product attributes that allow to define the interrelation between Product and Program. 5.1. Product refers to any model of TVs, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, freezers. 5.2. Warranty certificate and cashier's check are mandatory conditions for authentication of the information provided by Program participant during his/her registration on www.product-registration.eu 6. Procedure and methods of Program participant information about Program terms and conditions. 6.1. Detailed Program terms and conditions can be found on www.product-registration.eu. 6.2. Organizer reserves the right not to be involved in any written correspondence or other contacts with Program participants, if otherwise not stated by these terms and conditions. 7. Program participation procedure. 7.1. Any legal person at the age 18 and over, being the citizen of Ukraine and having Ukraine as place of residence, has the right to participate in Program. 7.2. To become Program participant, you need: 7.2.1. To buy Products particvipating in Program. 7.2.2. To register on www.product-registration.eu within one month from the date of product purchase . The following Participant data shall be specified during registration: First name, Patronymic Name, Surname E-mail address Phone number Birthday Name and address of the store where Product was purchased Product name, model and serial number. 8. Other conditions. 8.1. Program participants can not be paid monetary equivalent of the services guaranteed by the Program. 8.2. Program participant has to deliver the defective Product to authorized service center. 8.3. Organizer is not responsible for the performance of postal and courier services. 8.4. Product appearance can differ from it's image in advertising materials. 8.5. Organizer reserves the right to publish the additional information about Program. 8.6. Updated information will be posted on www.product-registration.eu  in due time 8.7. In case of early termination of program, this information will be posted by Organizer on site www.product-registration.eu 8.8. All Program participants shall bear all costs connected with their participation in Program. 8.9.Organizer reserves the right not to be involved in any written correspondence or other contacts with Program participants, if otherwise not stated by these terms and conditions and applicable laws. 8.10. Actual participation in Program means that participants have read and fully agreed with these Terms and conditions.