New series of SHIVAKI - MAGMA TVs

 SHIVAKI is offering the new line of «MAGMA» series TVs. This series is represented by models with screen diagonal 22”, 24”,32” and 40 inches. Due to the modern LED illumination technology, «MAGMA» series TV has extremely thin screen. TV cabinet is TITANIUM color. The series itself includes the models with various performance. Television models STV-24LED14E and STV-32LED14E have the array with resolution 1366×768 (HD Ready). Models STV-22LED14Е and STV-40LED14Е support the higher resolution 1920х1080 (Full HD). The integrated digital tuner DVB-T and DVB-C enables you to get use of all advantages of digital television and to enjoy the television with high definition level. USB PVR function allows to record TV programs from digital TV onto USB carriers. The models have many other useful functions, such as electronic teleguide including the information about broadcasting time, parents control function which allows to block the undesirable channels, TV switchoff timer which can be set to any time suitable for you, subtitle function which allows the people with hearing problems to watch some programs. You can use your TV as a PC monitor. For sale from March 2, 2015 .

March 1, 2015.

SHIVAKI TV functions

TFT-matrix with LED-illumination. Advanced LED illumination is used for matrix illumination in LED TVs instead of traditional fluoroscent lamps (CCFL). Due to this the television has lower thickness, better color system and 40% lower energy consumption.  

Full HD/1080p. is one of high definition television standards (HDTV) with wide screen resolution 1920х1080 pixels, progressive scan and frequency 24, 25 or 30 frames per second. Full HD image is very sharp, bright, and high-contrast. 

HD ready - this function means that TV can reproduce video signals with high resolution.  

PROGRESSIVE SCAN enables to display extremely detailed image with minimum flicker through rasterizing each frame by one-run scanning, opposed to interlace scanning that uses the scanning of each frame in two runs. It eliminates image flickering, and provides image with high vertical resolution and smoother transfer of vertical movement.  

Integrated USB port allows to exchange data with external sources. For example, pictures from digital camera can be displayed on TV screen. 

Digital tuner - highly sensitive digital tuner allows you to set to desired wave quickly and accurately, with wave digital symbol being displayed on TV screen.  

Digital comb filter - provides for color and brightness splitting through evaluating several frames and image movement at once. It helps to minimize the color noise and «creeps» which usually appear in the frame with contrast colors; it removes "moirmodulus" from displayed image (i.e. color patterns on objects with frequently repeated elements, for example, grid, striped or plaid suit). It is called comb filter because it's frequency pattern reminds a comb.  

SCART connector – universal 21-pin connector for AV-components, intended for transmitting/receiving both audio and video signals.  

VGA connector – for connecting DVD-player or home cinema to monitor with VGA-input.  

Composite video connector - composite video signal includes the information about image brightness and chrominance. Composite inputs and outputs are usually executed in the form of RCA-type connector-sockets.  

Noncomposite signal YUV (Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr) is a video signal divided into three parts: one brightness signal and two chrominance video signals. This type of signal has undeniable advantages in comparison with composite or S-video signal. By sending such video signal onto video display with component video in, you can get high quality image. 

Teletext – television network service for transmitting texts and simple images. Teletext works in broadcasting mode and is intended for receiving information by TVs with teletext function.  

NICAM Stereo (Near Instantaneously Companded Audio Multiplex) – digital system for transmitting multichannel sound in analogue television.  

SECAM – method for color data coding accepted on RF territory for transmitting TV-signal . All TV tuners of VARTA car head units can accept signal in SECAM system.

DOLBY DIGITAL – digital method for audio data coding. Dolby Digital format is notable for six discrete (separate) audio channels. Their discrecity helps to avoid undesirable sounds leaking from one channel into another. Since signals from different channels in Dolby Digital system are not mixed, it can ensure their nearly ideal splitting. As a result, Dolby Digital has novel abilities to pecisely localize the sound in any place of your room.

DIVX is a codec which compressers/decompresses images MPEG4. The image quality is close to DVD and it's size is smaller than DVD and VideoCD.

MPEG4 is a codec and data format at the same time. It was designed as the way of transmitting data flows, especially video data, through low throughput channels which due to the use of more complicated compression algorythms allowed to record feature films one and a half or two hours long onto a single compact-disk. Having the same bit rate and specific coding conditions, films in MPEG4 format can have the quality comparable with DVD or VCD disks.

WMA (WINDOWS MEDIA™ AUDIO) is the music data compression format developed by Microsoft Corporation. The format uses the state-of-the-art coding algorythms for initial audio track compression which significantly reduces the file size, maintaining good sound quality even at low (eg. 64 Kbit/sec) data transfer rate (bit rate).

MP3 is a popular audio data compression format which allows to store more musical compositions on one CD-R/RW disk than on standard CD Audio disk.

 WAV is a digital audio format, frequently without any data compression. It is notable for high quality of sound.

JPEG – allows to reproduce photos in JPEG format with their further display on TV screen.

January 16, 2015  


Survey of LED11 series TVs

SHIVAKI company is preparing to launch the new line of LED11 series televisions with diagonal 32’’  and 42’’ having the following advantages:  high-level image quality, wide multimedia functionality, big number of connectors for external devices and relatively low price. Television includes the tuner DVB-T/T2 and DVB-C. TV screen is STV-42LED11 Full HD with resolution 1920 x 1080 pixels. STV-32LED11 has HD Ready screen with resolution 1366 x 768 pixels. USB support for TV programs recording. TV has 4 HDMI inputs. Absolutely flat front panel combined with distinguished design make SHIVAKI TV an attractive emphasis in any type of interior.

January 01, 2015.