Mobile air conditioner Shivaki SHPC-0915E

Mobile air conditioner Shivaki SHPC-0915E is a mobile system intended for air conditioning in buildings. Mobile air conditioner can be easily installed, it has a flexible hose which allows to vent out the waste hot air . The air conditioner has standard functions. Despite it's compact size, the air conditioner is rather powerful.

  • It can be located temporarily or permanently;
  • Operating modes: cooling, drying;
  • Sleeping mode;
  • Timer;
  • Timer LED indicator;
  • Water tank filling indicator;
  • Remote control unit.

20 September 2015

VITRA series TVs

SHIVAKI is offering VITRA series TVs with screen diagonal  24 inches. VITRA series TVs are available in white, red, and black color. Remote control unit has the same color as TV cabinet.Flat front panel of tempered glass and practical and modern design make this TV an attractive emphasis in any type of interior. Glass panel provides additional protection for your eyes and extends the service life of your TV due to extra strength.   Bright and sharp SHIVAKI LED TVs  have  wide multimedia functionality. CI slow will make your access to the world of digital television easier. Screen format of this series TV is 16:9 which is rather convenient for film watching.  Image sharpness on TV screen is ensured by high resolution 1920×1080 pixels, with Full HD resolution support.  Integrated digital tuner DVB-T and DVB-C, USB support for recording TV programs from digital bradcasting systems, 2 HDMI inputs and many other functions are available in these models.

5 June 2015.


New series of SHIVAKI - MAGMA TVs

SHIVAKI is offering the new line of «MAGMA» series TVs. This series is represented by models with screen diagonal 22”, 24”,32” and 40 inches. Due to the modern LED illumination technology, «MAGMA» series TV has extremely thin screen. TV cabinet is TITANIUM color. The series itself includes the models with various performance. Television models STV-24LED14E and STV-32LED14E have the array with resolution 1366×768 (HD Ready). Models STV-22LED14Е and STV-40LED14Е support the higher resolution 1920х1080 (Full HD). The integrated digital tuner DVB-T and DVB-C enables you to get use of all advantages of digital television and to enjoy the television with high definition level. USB PVR function allows to record TV programs from digital TV onto USB carriers. The models have many other useful functions, such as electronic teleguide including the information about broadcasting time, parents control function which allows to block the undesirable channels, TV switchoff timer which can be set to any time suitable for you, subtitle function which allows the people with hearing problems to watch some programs. You can use your TV as a PC monitor. For sale from March 2, 2015 .

March 1, 2015.

Two-compartment refrigerator Shivaki SHRF-230

Two-compartment refrigerator Shivaki SHRF-230 is designed to store food products and to chill the beverages. The freezing compartment is located on the top and has an individual door which makes the access to frozen products more convenient, you shouldn't bend your body when filling or emptying this compartment. The advantage of this model is that the most frequently used shelves in refrigeration compartment are located on the level of eyes , providing a wide view of food products stored in this compartment. The model with refrigeration compartment capacity 166 l and freezing compartment capacity 41 l has a convenient and common electromechanical control, high level energy efficiency class  А++, i the electricity consumption is max 170 kWh/year which gives significant savings for your electricity costs. Temperature is regulated mechanically: it ensures easy and reliable refrigirator control. Climate class N-ST makes it possible to use the equipment with temperature range  from 16 to 32 degrees. Regrigerator operates with modern coolant R600A, and is equipped with up-to-date and reliable compressor which makes it's operation with low noise level. This model is manufactured in two colors - white and silver. The model provides for the possibility of door rehanging, and it's integral handle makes the refrigerator compact and easy to handle even in small-size kitchens.

March 10, 2015.


A source of comfort in your home

Split air conditioner SHIVAKI SSH-I1206BE/SRH-I1206BE  has two operating modes «Warm-Cold” and is able to automatically choose between cooling or heating, ventilation, drying, sleeping modes. The following filters are installed in split air conditioner: photocatalytic filter which operates by oxidation principle and can completely destroy combinations of viruses and harmful microbes; filter with activated coal; catechinic filter, nano-silver filter. Split air conditioner is equipped with ionizer generating the negative ions that destruct harmful germs and create optimal microclimate in the room.

  • «Warm-Cold” modes;
  • LED display;
  • Power saving class А;
  • Automatic selection of cooling or heating mode;
  • Auto restart;
  • Air drying;
  • Negative ions generation.

Febrruary 19, 2015