Antibacterial coating

Внутренние стенки холодильника, покрытые антибактериальным покрытием, остаются гигиенически совершенно чистыми в течение всего срока службы холодильникаAntibacterial coating Silver Defense is the inorganic silver compound that prevents the growth and  distribution of germs, microbes, fungi, and mold. Refrigerator inner walls covered with  antibacterial  coating remain absolutely hygienically clean, even if they contact the food products. And this continues throughout the whole service life of the refrigerator. The main purpose of refrigerators and freezers is to store the food products as long as possible.  The major reason for products deterioration is the development of microorganisms in these products.  Low temperatures slow down the reproduction of microorganisms, but they do not stop it. A lot of microorganisms adapted to live at positive temperatures close to zero, that are present in refrigeration compartment. Deep freezing of products also doesn't help.

Microbes can stand deep freezing and defrosting ten times in a row.  SHIVAKI offers the revolutionary solution for food product storage, i.e. antibacterial coating  Silver Defense. It's often that food products contact the equipment walls when they are placed onto refrigerator shelves. It leaves marks on the walls.  And now be fair and tell yourself how often you wash the internal walls of the refrigerator?  But microorganisms are reproduced in food remainings.  Sometimes it results in odour inside the refrigerator. Besides, in the course of time these microorganisms can occur on other products through their contact with walls or microbes transfer by air, especially in refrigerators with dynamic chilling system*. 

These were the microbes that gave  start for the first «fridge epidemic» in 60-s. It started in Sweden and Belgium, then exploded in France and finally reached Norway and Spain. Antibacterial coating is new but at the same time well-forgotten old solution. It is the use of silver to fight against germs.  People in ancient Egypt were already using silver  vessels or vessels with silvered inner surfaces, in order to keep water fresh  for a long time. During his Persian campaign Alexander Makedonsky saved his troops from deleterious Asian epidemics by ordering his soldiers to drink water only from silver cups.


*Dynamic system assumes the forced air circulation in refrigerator compartments by means of fan.